We have a system we call “stacking” whereby you can avoid paying shipping on orders under US$200 (or GBP/EUR equivalent) by having them “stacked” (for a maximum of 90 days) which means we keep the items until such time as your cumulative orders reach US$200 or more. This is useful if you want to buy an item costing less than US$200 – for example a t-shirt – that may sell out quickly, and are happy to wait for it rather than pay shipping.

If you use our “stacking" option, we will automatically ship once combined orders reach a value of US$200 (or GBP/EUR equivalent) or more. You can of course contact us to request items to be held for longer.

PLEASE NOTE - if you use “stacking” this may affect your options if you decide to return an item after stacking for more than 30 days: depending on the amount of time elapsed we may only be able to offer store credit instead (no refund), or we may deem the item(s) no longer returnable.