How long is a piece of string? The longevity of your Iron Heart jeans will depend on many factors: how often you wear them, where you wear them, how you look after them etc. etc. Our jeans are made from cotton and, whilst all our denims are hard wearing and in most cases we use the strongest poly-cotton thread we can source, they will (like all cotton clothing) wear out over time.

So we certainly don’t make any claims on how long the jeans will last, as it depends on the use and abuse they are given: we know from experience with our customers that a construction worker wearing them to site every day can trash a pair of 25oz denim jeans in a few months, another person wearing the exact same jeans just for lounging around at the weekend will keep them intact for years. One reason denim jeans have been popular since the day they were invented is that no two pairs stay the same, and we love the way each pair develops its unique character with wear and tear.

You can see some examples of how our jeans age in the 'Fade Archive' on The Iron Heart Gallery HERE